Sepahan saghf co The manufacturer decorative ceiling of PVC best alternative Of gypsum .
Product characters:
1. Products are made of an exclusively, high quality pvc . abs , encompassing the technology and high-tech facility .
2. Resistant to moisture , and vermin , easy to clean, our products can be kept new for long time.
3. Product Stability: No excessive expansion or contraction due to heat or cold , no warping, no splitting.
4. Light weight: It is much lighter than gypsum and wood and not easy to break during carry.
5. Good resilience: Can suit the design of arch ceiling perfectly .
6. Easy installation: Can be plane, sawed, nailed , and glued. Never waste the installation time .
7. By the modeling design and the relief matches ingeniously, our products is the most perfect construction decorates facing
8. Applicable scope: House housing, western-style villa , guesthouse, hotel, shop front, American Sharon, nightclub, club, dance amusement hall, wine shop , disco , church , temple , company store , office , convention center , market and all indoor and outfield institute